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NORI'S Happy Classes

Collect your body.
Organize your mind.
You'll be shine

Are you putting yourself off or overdoing yourself every busy day? NORI's lessons aim to release your mind and body to the fullest. Why don't you make a little time for yourself to take good care of yourself?


Everyone is welcome!

Of course, beginners are welcome!I want to move my body, stay healthy, lose weight, and learn something... We all have different goals. Would you like to continue with me?

When your body changes, you feel more confident♪

Take the first step ,then you'll see your body change. Once you get used to it and can move your body well, you will gain confidence.

Exercise habits are fun.

If you keep moving your body several times a week, your body and mind will change.
The point is commit yourself to exercise without getting hasty ,
enjoy yourself.

Let's get the energy message from the cards ♪

My tarot reading is not fortune-telling. It's a way to get messages to help you move in a better direction.
Tell me how you feeling. Letting go of your emotions will comfirm your feeling.
I hope my feeling will reach your heart♡

How to session

・messenger (video)on Facebook


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☆60mins. →$50(US $)
☆30mins.→ $30 (US $)
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Your true colors
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow
【True Colors 】Billy Steinberg, Tom Kelly



•Zumba instructor
•Zumba gold
•Zumba kids
•AFAA primary group exercise certification
•tarot reader
Hi all !
Nice to meet you. I'm Nori from Japan🇯🇵
Welcome to Nori's world . Thank you for coming♡
I'm mainly a fitness instructor, but I would be happy if sharing my learning and way of life through my experiences can help someone elese to live easier and feel free.
Physical health is important , but mental health is also important.
I've always been looking for myself somewhere .
Where is the true self?
I could'nt find myself anywhere.
You can be no one but yourself.
I can be no one but myself also.
So,enjoy my life!
Worries and conflicts are precious spice in our life...because we get bored with the same taste.
We need the spice of worries and conflict, but if we add the source of
fun ,joy and happiness, our life will be more Flavorful!
Why don't you join me and add a flavor of fun,joy and happiness to your life ?
A world full of smiles ! always
This is Nori's world !
Nori's world is a safty base that anyone can join at anytime.
I hope it will become a place where you can spread your wings.
You true colors
True colors are beautiful ,
like a rainbow♪
with a lot of love Nori xxx